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   Romance and Thug Lovin’ is at its pinnacle in part 7 of the Thug Series. Trae and Tasha fight to hold on to what they have after he’s released from prison, but when Trae is given a package containing some damning information regarding Tasha, is there any hope of salvaging the relationship? 

  Kyra has to decide who she will choose: her unborn baby or Rick, the man she loves, but who is in another relationship. Can Rick break his two women out of their Western civilization mind-set in order to become one big, happy family? 

    Who is the mysterious Lolita who suddenly shows up at a baby shower, and what is her connection to Don Carlos, a drug lord? Is she trying to set them up? Angel has to pledge her love to Kaylin once again while Jaz and Faheem try to start all over while mourning the loss of his murdered son. Will the couples be able to protect their marriages? 

   Trouble is brewing at the baby shower where the outcome could very well be a toe tag or a jail cell. Will the brothers get down for whatever when it comes to protecting their family? 

Thugs Seven, by bestselling author Wahida Clark, is a thriller, action & disaster book with well-developed characters fighting their own personal demons. Be prepared for sleep deprivation because this is a real page-turner.

Along Came a Savage

   After marrying her college sweetheart and building a successful drug empire, life for Taylor Washington, aka Tay Tay, looked perfect. The first few years, her husband Wayne treated her like a queen and showered her with riches that the cocaine brought them, but as the years passed, his abusive nature grew, just like their bank account. Even though she was fed up, leaving Wayne wasn’t even a thought in her mind . . . until she came home to Chicago to visit.

  Her plans were just to come home and party with her best friend, but after a crazy chain of events, she finds herself waking up in the bed of an intoxicating man that leaves her DUI with each sip of his loving.

   Tay Tay felt guilty, at first, for stepping out on her husband, but as his abusive ways continued and her suspicions of him cheating on her proved to be true, Tay Tay’s shattered heart embraced the secret life she was living, even if it jeopardized the empire she helped build. Don’t blink for a second in this deadly heart-pounding game of deceit, lies, and jealousy, where trust could get you killed, and love is just a four-letter word.


   Everybody knows that if you break the law and get caught, you go to prison. But what happens when the very same people that are supposed to enforce and uphold the law, are criminals themselves?

   Three strangers, Eshe, Milla, and Sun-Solé, meet under the worst circumstances possible—behind bars. Prison isn’t at all what they expected, and from the onset of their arrival, these three savvy boss chicks find themselves surrounded by disloyal snitches, set-ups, and scandalous drama.

   Determined to survive the system that enslaved them, these courageous women unite and embark on a mission to level the scales of justice. Will they survive the gruesome conditions of confinement, or will they fold under pressure?

Hair Therapy: 

Cures for Growing Your BEAUTIFUL Natural Hair

 Tiffany Anderson "Leading Natural Hair Expert...." – Reader's Digest

Women always want to look good. And looking good starts with a fresh face and slayed hair. Whether it be straight or natural, no woman wants to have a bad hair day. If only there was a guide to help women make the right choices for beautiful, strong, and healthy hair without breaking the bank. In Hair Therapy, Trichologist,Tiffany Anderson does just that! In this prescriptive manual, Tiffany. Anderson offers advice from deciding to go natural and committing to the big chop, to hair care regimens, dealing with hair loss and which products to use and avoid, as well as handling various scalp disorders. If you're looking for tips on maintaining healthy, beautiful hair, this book is for you.

In this prescriptive manual, readers will learn to:

· Make educated decisions as to whether or not natural hair is right for you.
· Reach your hair-length goal.
· Maintain short hair after the “big chop”.
· Discover hair care regimens to produce strong, healthy hair.
· Deal with hair loss.
· Scalp Treatments.
· How to find the right products for your hair.

And much, much more!


Part1 & 2

   The hustle doesn’t stop…it simply keeps going. That adage is put to the test when Lorenzo Watson sinks knee-deep in the everyday struggle of life. The bills pile up and Lorenzo is pushed to his limits to stay legal. He feels the lure to return to his hustling in the streets of Selma, North Carolina are somewhat deterred by his state job within the prison system.

  Lorenzo confides about his financial issues to his coworkers, Travis Dixon and thus begins Lorenzo’s venture into a new hustle that grips him from the first transaction. Shayla Graham, mother of Lorenzo’s first born is also faced with the demanding bills and the struggle to put food on the table.

   She loves Lorenzo with zero reservations, but in secret and behind Lorenzo’s back, Shayla makes a hard decision that could very well tear their relationship apart. Pretty Boy Hustlerz is a fast-paced take based on love, lies, deceit and the right amount of sex to keep the pages turning.


   Rejected by a bitter, homophobic father with high political ambitions, and a spineless unsupportive mother, Butterfly’s greatest desire is to fly away. Born a male turned transgender, Butterfly is left to fend for herself on the cold, unforgiving streets. Using a few get-rich-quick money schemes, Butterfly finally begins to enjoy the glitter and romance of life. That is, until her biggest lie creates a hostile frenemy who shows no mercy on getting revenge.

   Soon, Butterfly’s troubled life tumbles violently out of control. By chance she runs into Atwater, the perfect man with the perfect plan to stabilize her otherwise twisted world. And with the lure of power and wealth beyond her imagination, Atwater entices Butterfly to undertake a role in his shiesty scams.

   Her acceptance will usher in what’s sure to be a tumultuous storm that neither of them can escape. Will Butterfly consent to temptation or fly away to free herself from Atwater’s devilish arms?


Hip-Hop Pioneer Grandmaster Caz teams up with Nuance Art for the Release of his New AudioBook "Written! The Lyrics Of Grandmaster Caz with The Queen of Street Literature Wahida ClackHip-Hop Pioneer Grandmaster Caz teams up with Nuance Art for the Release of his New AudioBook "Written! The Lyrics Of Grandmaster Caz with The Queen of Street Literature Wahida Clack Grandmaster Caz is a pioneering legend who can genuinely be credited as one of the inventors of rap. Caz is perhaps best known as the writer of Big Bang Hank's rhyme in Rappers Delight. The lyrics were stolen from him and he has never been credited or paid a dollar for writing the words to possibly the most famous rap record ever. 

Caz went on to form the legendary Coldcrush Brothers whose party rocking style would greatly influence many of rap's commercial breakthrough artists. In 2012 Caz became the unexpected star of Ice-T's seminal rap movie Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap. In the movie, Caz receives props from many of the cast, including Ice-T, Rev Run, Rakim, and Eminem, who sight him as one of the godfathers of Rap. As a result of the movie, Caz's career is enjoying a significant renaissance. 

Notable for his extraordinary penmanship Caz's favorite rhymes are reproduced from his notebooks and published for the first time in this beautiful book.


  3 Book Bundle price: $29.99 free shipping and handling LIMITED TIME

 Sixteen years have passed since we last visited Karma Alonso-Walker. After Money’s conviction for attempted murder of their son, Karma turned back to her first love of track and field. Newfound fame, fortune and love has given her a fresh outlook on life, but no matter how hard she tries to forget the past, it always finds a way to remind her of her indiscretions. And when Money is released from prison, Karma’s world is turned upside down once again, forcing her to come to face to face with the beast that has burdened her for more than half a decade.  

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