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Available Now!!! The Raw, Uncut Preview of Thugs 7! I promised you a Sneak Preview of 50 pages, but I over delivered a little and gave you 65! And on top of that, you get to check out chapters from upcoming and just released Wahida Clark Presents Publishing titles.

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A Sneak Peek into:

• Pink Panther Clique by Aisha Hall, Jamila Davis, Sunshine Smith-Williams and Wahida Clark
• Pretty Boy Hustlerz by Victor L. Martin
• Black Senate by Zaid Za'hid
• Sincerely The Boss by Wahida Clark & Amy Morford
• Butterfly Bitch by Wahida Clark & Michael A. Robinson
• THOT by Alah Adams
• Heat by MeccaGlobal
• One Last Deadly Play by Flo Anthony
• Thuggz Valentine by Wahida Clark

So, for your patience and loyalty, you get all of these goodies rolled into one for just $2.99 as well as updates, invites and more!

  Romance and Thug Lovin' is at its pinnacle in part 7 of the Thug Series. Trae and Tasha fight to hold on to what they have after he's released from prison, but when Trae is given a package containing some damning information regarding Tasha, is there any hope of salvaging the relationship? 

   Kyra has to decide who she will choose: her unborn baby or Rick, the man she loves, but who is in another relationship. Can Rick break his two women out of their Western civilization mind-set in order to become one big, happy family? 

   Who is the mysterious Lolita who suddenly shows up at a baby shower, and what is her connection to Don Carlos, a drug lord? Is she trying to set them up? 

   Angel has to pledge her love to Kaylin once again while Jaz and Faheem try to start all over while mourning the loss of his murdered son. Will the couples be able to protect their marriages? 

   Trouble is brewing at the baby shower where the outcome could very well be a toe tag or a jail cell. Will the brothers get down for whatever when it comes to protecting their family?

Al Dickens

Al Dickens was born in Winter Haven, Florida. He and his family (mother, father and sister) moved to Newark, New Jersey in the early forties. Raised in the streets of Newark’s 2nd and 3rd wards made it almost inevitable that Al would start having serious trouble with the law by the age of 14. Al …