Karma 3: Beast of Burden




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About Karma 3: Beast of Burden

Sixteen years have passed since we last visited Karma Alonso-Walker. After Money’s conviction for attempted murder of their son, Karma turned back to her first love of track and field. Newfound fame, fortune and love has given her a fresh outlook on life, but no matter how hard she tries to forget the past, it always finds a way to remind her of her indiscretions. And when Money is released from prison, Karma’s world is turned upside down once again, forcing her to come to face to face with the beast that has burdened her for more than half a decade.

Karma 2: For The Love of Money

After discovering the true identity of his father, Money takes a major step back in his relationships with his mother and Karma. Driven by an insatiable need to find him, Money spends his nights on the beat asking any and every one of Jimmy's whereabouts. All the while, Karma has been forced to care for Money's daughter and their son by herself. Consumed by rage and post-partum depression, Karma is left questioning her and the kids' place in Money's life. When she finally decides to confront him, an unforeseen event happens between the two, changing their lives and those of their loved ones forever. In the end, all involved will have to ask themselves, "Is loving Money worth the risk of losing everything?"

Karma: With A Vengeance

After her mother is brutally murdered by an abusive boyfriend, Karma Alonso-Walker decides to take matters into her own hands and avenge her mother s death. While on her journey to vengeance, Karma falls in love with Money Parks, a Newark, New Jersey police officer. As the relationship between the two grows, people and accounts from the lovers' pasts come to light, forcing them to face unspoken truths. This timeless chronicle about a young woman's unyielding loyalty to her mother will open your eyes to the way life can be, even when the glass looks half empty. As Karma's life spirals out of control, her exploration leads her to self-preservation and true happiness . . . or does it?


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