The Vision – Writers Supporting Other Writers

Wahida Clark receives manuscript submissions from aspiring writers all the time. After reviewing them, she often finds that many of the writers have talent. As such, she was inspired to create her own publishing company to offer an opportunity for authors to have their works published. Her goal is to provide loyalty to its authors and readers, integrity, and a promise to always release quality work along with compelling stories with memorable characters.

Submission Guidelines and Prerequisites

W. Clark Publishing is currently looking for authors in the following genres: Fiction* including urban/street lit, contemporary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, erotica, suspense, horror, women’s contemporary fiction, young adult; Nonfiction including memoirs, narrative nonfiction, inspirational/motivational, current events, pop culture. (We currently do not accept submissions for poetry).

For nonfiction, send cover letter/query, including the author’s qualifications and connections relevant to the book’s content and marketing, and summary or outline of book’s content, along with the first 5 chapters.

Submission Formats

All submissions must be in the following formats:

Typed, one sided, double spaced.
Paragraph starts indented.
1″ margins on all four sides of the page.
For emphasis, use italics.
Avoid non-standard, fancy fonts and unnecessary changes in font face size, etc.
Must be reasonable or we won’t read it.
Use chapter headers and scene break indicators (i.e. **** or ####).
Title, author (last name only is fine) and page number at the top of each page is mandatory.
For example: Thugs/Clark Page 15.
Your full name, mailing address, email and/or telephone number must be on the first page.

Please send all submissions to:

W. Clark Publishing LLC.
60 Evergreen Place, Suite 904
East Orange, NJ, 07018

* For faster consideration, fiction authors should sumbit (2) complete copies of manuscripts

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